Congratulations on your engagement! Joining together as husband and wife under God’s design is a monumental time in life.  We consider it an honor to serve and guide you through this amazing process at GFCC.  This packet contains detailed information your wedding at GFCC, including fees for custodian, wedding hostess, minister, musicians, vocalists, sound technicians; decorating guidelines; and more. 

Weddings at Greenville First Christian Church

You can find more information in the attached packet above, but here are a few items to consider as you begin your wedding journey:

  • Contact the minister with whom you would like to perform the wedding.
    • Ensure they have your wedding date available before booking other venues.
    • Make sure you understand their requirements up front, for example how many times they would like to meet with you and your fiance before the wedding.
  • Contact the main office at the church to see if the sanctuary is available for your rehearsal as well as your wedding.
  • Plan to attend one of the Premarital Dinners.
    • We offer them 2-3 times a year and they are full of great advice as you begin your life as a married couple.
  • Plan to attend one of the Bride’s meetings with Megan Neece.
    • We offer these on a Saturday morning 2-3 times per year.
    • This is your opportunity to ask questions, meet the wedding hostesses and learn more about the items we have on-site for your ceremony.
  • Plan to talk to Jason Fishburn in our Worship Arts department if you plan to have a video, music or other special lighting elements to your ceremony.
    • We ask that all of these items are turned in a minimum of one week in advance of the wedding.