Greenville FCC strives to follow our mission, which is fourfold:

  • to evangelize the lost
  • to edify the saved
  • to minister to the needy
  • to be the salt and light in the community

There may be a time in your life when it is difficult to follow that mission because of circumstances and decisions in your life. When those challenging times occur, we encourage our congregation and community to seek support within the body of Christ. Yet, some challenges are more complex. We provide staff that is trained in Biblical Pastoral Counseling. Please contact any of our ministry staff for counseling. Biblical Counseling is the process where God’s Word is related to those struggling with the issues of life and interpersonal relationships.


Jesse McAlexander

Discipleship Pastor

Contact Jesse for an appointment

Masters in Pastoral Counseling

Lincoln Christian University, 2018


Additional Counseling Resources

Jubilee House

(618) 664-2360 / Jubilee House Website

Prairie Counseling Center

(618) 664-1455 / Prairie Counseling Website

Grief Support Group

Fayette County Health Department 416 W Edwards St., Vandalia (618) 283-1044. Meets the first Tuesday of every month from 6-7 p.m. and the third Thursday of every month from 4-5 p.m.

Coping with Cancer

This cancer support is currently on break.
Meetings are led by a cancer survivor and are open to those with cancer or anyone whose life has been affected by cancer.

At various times of the year, there are groups for grief support, addiction support, weight-loss support, and more. Contact the church office for information about groups currently meeting.


Help with Forgiveness

Prayer of Living Forgiveness


  • I will not think about this incident.
  • I will not bring up this incident again and use it against you.
  • I will not talk to others about this incident.
  • I will not allow this incident to stand between us or hinder our personal relationship.


Help with Conflict

All conflict must be examined inside the biblical story.

The 4 “G’s” for Resolving Conflict

  1. Get the log out of your eye. Matthew 7:5 – Recognize your sinful habits, attitude, past-weaknesses-depend on God. Repent & confess (words, sarcasm, gossip, grumbling, complaining, lies, exaggerations.)
  2. Go & Show Your Brother His Fault
    A. Confront in a loving way.
    B. Seek to lift a burden in their life. (Matthew 18:15 & Galatians 6:1)
  3. Consider Overlooking the Offense. Minor not serious hurts, the cause of Christ, or others, not hurting offenders or damaging a relationship. Proverbs 19:11 & 1 Peter 4:8
  4. Be Reconciled Matthew 6:12 & Luke 11:4
    Matthew 18:23-35 & Colossians 3:13