We consider it an honor and opportunity to assist with or host funerals at GFCC. We desire to honor God and the family and friends of those who have passed away. We also know there are many details that family members are faced with during this time. We want to serve you the best way possible. With that said, we highly recommend that families secure the services of a Funeral Home for many reasons.

  • Handling the obituary and public announcement
  • Providing the guest book, memorial envelopes, programs for the service and other items requested by the family
  • Planning the service and people involved
  • They can help coordinate or create a tribute video
  • They have display items for pictures and flowers (the church does not have these items readily available)

All in all, the funeral home allows your family to grieve and come together without the burden of details to plan a funeral. It also allows the church family and staff to minister to those involved in the ways we are gifted.

Please contact the church office directly regarding assistance with a funeral, 618-664-0350

Date and Time of Funerals

Dates and times for funerals at GFCC are to be arranged in consultation with the pastor based on availability and the preferences of the deceased’s family. The pastor must be in agreement with the family and the funeral home before arrangements are announced to the community.

Funeral services will be planned around already scheduled events such as weddings, conferences and other events at the church.


Who Will Officiate?

GFCC ministers lead funeral services when held at GFCC. Any requests for another pastor or lay person to lead in the service must be approved.


Structure of the Funeral Service

The structure of the funeral must be outlined in tandem with all involved as soon as possible. A copy of the outline of the service must be given to the funeral director, minister, and sound technician.

Sample Outline: Welcome & Obituary, Prayer, Scripture, Special Song or Tributes, Message and  Closing Prayer

Funeral Music

The church has access to background music appropriate for a visitation and funeral service. If certain songs are requested to be played these requests must be discussed with our Worship Pastor at least 24 hours in advance of the service to ensure we have access to the correct rendition. When possible, please bring a USB with the appropriate music already loaded.


Video Presentation

If a video is to be used during the service, it must be submitted to the church office 24 hours prior to the funeral service for review. All presentations should be in DVD format (not Power Point).

Most video formats are acceptable, including: MPEG-4 (MP4 or M4V), MOV (default format exported from iMovie), WMV (default format exported from Windows Movie Maker and PowerPoint). When you begin creating your slideshow, be sure your slides are 1280 x 720 (widescreen format).

Our screen is set-up for wide screen images, so please format your videos to 1280 x 720.

PowerPoint format (.ppt, .pptx, etc.) is not ideal as some elements may not be retained (such as transitions, fonts, music, etc.).


Sound Technician

Sound and lighting needs for visitations and funerals must be completed by a trained member of the Worship Arts team. This will require the following fee dependent on the type of service requested in the sanctuary.

  • Visitation & Funeral Service over 2 days – $75
  • Visitation and Service all in one day – $50

These fees must be paid to the main office on or before the event. The payment method should indicate in the memo area- sound technician fee.



The church does not provide a nursery for funeral services. If needed, the family is responsible for securing an attendant. If this service is needed, please contact the office to discuss if there is an additional room that can be provided for childcare.



When a visitation is held, the day prior to the funeral, in the sanctuary we can often provide a room for the family to rest and get refreshments. This is typically held in the music room (room 216). When possible we do our best to provide some refreshments and also allow a place for guests to bring food for the family.



When possible we try and accommodate a meal for the family to share in after a funeral service. The meal is coordinated through the main office with our Funeral Dinner Committee. The family needs to report an anticipated number for food planning purposes as soon as possible.

There is no fee for the meal, donations are appreciated.

If there are other families or organizations that want to share in the responsibility of providing the meal, please let us know. Our committee can coordinate desserts or other items for the meal with outside donations.



In some circumstances, the family might request a memorial to the church or a charitable organization in lieu of flowers. The church is very appreciative of memorials. The church does not manage, receive or distribute designated funds for any outside institutions. The funeral home handling the planning of the service handles the memorial donations and distribution.

Any funds given to the church are designated for the General Fund and abide by the outlined budget for the given year. If a family would like to see a list of upcoming needs not outlined in the current year’s budget, please contact the main office. We can provide you with a list of additional items and projects that are needed.



Sound Technician for Visitation/ Service in 1 day                                   $50

Sound Technician for Visitation/ Service over 2 days                             $75

Honorarium for Minister*                                                                          No Set Amount

Musicians and/or Soloist*                                                                        Pre-arranged

*Checks should be made payable to the individual minister, the individual musician(s) and/or soloist(s).

Meal Fee                                                                                                    Donations are accepted, not required.



Additional Fees

(only assessed if a Funeral Home is not present for the service)

Funeral Host Fee (Check should be made payable to the host directly)   $100

Building Use Fee                                                                                           $250


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