Mission Update during Covid-19

Easter Hope Offering (Love Offering)

The Easter HOPE Offering is on pause during this time. We plan to reengage this generosity initiative at a later time. You can continue to contribute. These projects are not urgent in relationship to the current crisis our world is facing at this time. 


The entire country is on lock down. However, many laborers who had jobs in the cities are moving back to the countryside because of a lack of food. This creates problems for continued spread of the virus, finding enough food for the people, etc.

Ninos de Mexico

Resources are currently tight because of reduced funding from impacted donors. Have turned away 11 children because of limited resources.

Edwards in Taiwan

Taiwan reacted quickly to the virus, and has had good success in minimizing its effects. However, tight restrictions make it difficult to plan for usual summer events, camps, etc. Please pray for Edward’s family as their two daughters are at Ozark Christian College. The global pandemic makes it difficult when family members are apart.

Haitian Christian Outreach

All the schools are closed in Haiti, and the lock down is difficult as most people live day to day.  Estimates indicate that up to 800,000 could die related to Covid-19 in Haiti. Please pray for staff of HCO and Peredo Hospital.


Missions We Support






Greenville FCC provides these links to independent missions which we support financially and through prayer.  Each mission organization is individually responsible for the content on their own website.

Missions in our building






Higher Grounds is currently on a break due to COVID-19.

Special Projects & Trips

  • Love Packages – Day Trip date to be determined.
  • Inner City Mission – Day Trip date to be determined.

Additional Special Projects are considered throughout the year as funds are available.

Mission Team Paradigms

  1. Greenville First Christian Church is accountable to the missions it supports by setting an annual budget and adhering to that budget as closely as possible throughout the year.
  2. Greenville First Christian Church is responsible for notifying the representative of missions when support is increased, decreased, or otherwise changed prior to the change occurring.
  3. Missions being supported are accountable to Greenville First Christian Church by providing annual reports, monthly updates, and other communications as available regarding the work of the mission.
  4. The representatives of the supported missions are responsible for notifying the mission team of FCC of any occurrences that impact the need to support the mission work.


Mission Team Leadership

The mission team meets monthly to review missions news and upcoming mission support events. Contact Marvin or Teresa Warner to get connected.

Email Marvin