Don Ackerman



Ben Allen

Worship Pastor


Ben Allen began partnering with us in ministry in June 2020. He’s an Ozark graduate with a degree in Theology. He’s grown up all over the Midwest. His desire to use music to express the Gospel message each week is refreshing. His positive and authentic personality makes for easy conversation. Gummy bears and Dr. Pepper are his go to snack!

Andrea Andris

Family Life Pastor


Andrea Andris served in Family Ministry for 10 years in Southern New Hampshire before becoming the Family Life Pastor at GFCC in March 2021. Andrea graduated from Lincoln Christian College and Illinois State University in 2002, and later acquired her Masters of Education degree in 2005.She is married to Nathan Andris, our Executive Pastor, and they have 2 children: Aidan and Braelyn. Andrea has a specific passion for parental discipleship, loves having coffee with friends, eating gourmet food and reading on her screened-in porch in her free time.


Nathan Andris

Executive Pastor


Nathan Andris served as an Executive Pastor for 10 years before joining us at GFCC in March 2021. Nathan graduated from Lincoln Christian College in 2002 and later acquired his masters at LCU in 2016.  He married Andrea in 2002 and they have two children: Aidan and Braelyn.

Dee Armes

Care Pastor


Dee was born & raised on a farm just south of Washington, IN. He graduated St. Louis Christian College and has attended three seminaries. He married Debbie and they have two adult daughters. Dee joined us in 2018 with a wealth of ministry experience and has served all over the country. Dee enjoys reading, music, hacking at a golf ball, collecting toy John Deere tractors, antiquing with Debbie and riding motorcycles.

Tiffani Graber

Elementary Director


Tiffani Graber has served in Children’s Ministry for many years. First at New Hope Christian Church for 2 years followed by 15 years at Herscher Christian Church. She has a passion for teaching children about Jesus and the love that Christ has for us. Tiffani started in May of 2021 at GFCC. She is married to Tyson and they have 5 children. Tiffani enjoys being outside and loves to cook.

Tyson Graber

Senior Pastor


Tyson Graber has served in both Youth Ministry and Preaching Ministry roles since 1999. He was called to serve at GFCC starting July of 2017. He is married to Tiffani and they have five children: Dawson, Dieken, Declan, Drake and Dayli. Tyson is passionate about sharing God’s Word and love with others. Tyson also enjoys coaching, classic cars and a good comedy! He would enjoy getting to know you.


Ben Harris

Student Pastor


 Ben Harris was born and raised in North Texas and graduated from Ozark Christian College in May 2021. Ben has a passion for making Jesus real to students through sound biblical teaching and building genuine relationships. In his free time, Ben loves to play basketball, stay active, try new things and spend time with friends.

Diane Kelly



Diane Kelly was hired in 2007 to work in the main office as the bookkeeper. Her background working in business and banking prepared her for the daily tasks to manage finances and work with the community.

Beth McCracken

Preschool Director


Beth started her career in childcare in 2005. In 2010, she began serving the children and families of FCC Preschool. Beth is married with two children. In 2017 she began leading the preschool as the Director and continues to use creativity and consistently shares God’s love to the people she serves.

Belinda Ziemba

Office Administator


Belinda grew up in Greenville and was raised within GFCC. She has been involved in worship over the years from singing to running sound. Belinda is married to Chris and between the two of them have 4 sons. Belinda’s three sons, Drew, Gabe and Zeke, have been heavily involved in leading worship for the youth at Wednesday night Refuge for the past several years. She loves animals, especially cats, and anything that sparkles!


Mark Bleyer

Jay Carroll

Paul Cayo

Michael Coling

Mike Emken

Brian Grove

Devin Koertge

Brad Portz

Dave Probst

Boyd Schaufelberger

Ron Schaufelberger

Mike Suess


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