At Greenville FCC, we have many places to plug in and serve through music, art, drama and technology. If you are interested in any of the following ministries and would like to set up a time to discuss involvement, or would like more information, contact Belinda Ziemba.

Weekend Worship

We express our worship to God in a variety of ways, both in our weekend services and in our everyday lives.  What we call “Worship Ministry” for the purpose of serving in a local church congregation refers to the expressions of music, drama, visual arts, etc., but it’s important to note that our worship together each weekend seeks to develop us as better worshippers in every moment of our lives.  Our ultimate desire when we gather is to create an atmosphere where those in attendance are inspired to participate, be strengthened and sharpened in their faith – as a benefit to the world around us.

What we see and hear (as well as touch, taste and smell) has an effect on our perception in the world. Even more so, what we actually say and do has an affect on our attitude and perspective.  Our hope is that when you worship with our faith community, you have an opportunity to develop more of a relationship with Christ and the kind of connection with the Holy Spirit that will help guide your choices through the rest of the week as well.

Our largest group (in terms of numbers) within the worship ministry is our praise team.  This team consists of musicians, artists and technicians.  They lead and perform music, operate sound/lights/video, and express praise to God in a variety of other artistic ways. We are always looking for those with skills in these areas to be a part of this team.  Our Voices of Praise choir (rehearses on Wednesday evenings) and Seniors in Music Ministry (SIMM) choir (rehearses on Thursday mornings) lead and/or perform once a month and do special programs at Christmas and Easter.  Our children’s choirs – Gospel Promise for 1st-6th grade students and Angel Band for 4-year-olds through Kindergarten students – rehearse on Sunday evenings and are active during the school year doing various programs.  Our drama team performs occasionally as well in services, with one or two special events per year.  We’re also working to open up more opportunities for those with skills in film, graphic design and other visual arts.


Ways to serve in our worship ministry:


  • Band Leader – leads instrumentalists in rehearsal
  • Rhythm Instrumentalist – plays bass, piano, keys, guitar, etc.
  • Secondary Instrumentalist – plays brass, strings, folk instruments, etc.
  • Arranger – create charts, sheet music, assist in special worship events
  • Vocal/Choral Director – leads vocal teams and/or choirs
  • Rehearsal Accompanist – assists with choir and vocal team rehearsals
  • Vocal Team – assists in leading the congregation with the band and worship leader
  • Choir member – sings with the choir, assists in performances and leading the congregation
  • Media/Graphic Designer – creates visuals/logos for lyric backgrounds, sermon slides, web, etc.
  • Artists – creates paintings, drawings, sculpture, etc. for worship
  • Film Director – directs interviews and short films, may operate camera as well
  • Photographer – takes photographs for promotion and worship use
  • Liturgical writer – create readings and transition pieces for worship leaders and narrators
  • Promotional writer – create content for announcements/bulletin/web

Download our artist application: Worship Volunteer Application.



  • Audio Technician – engineers/mixes Sound for rehearsals/services
  • Lighting Technician – operates house/stage lighting for rehearsals/services
  • Video/Projection Technician – displays video, lyrics, scripture, etc. for rehearsals/services
  • Camera Technician – records video for services and for interviews/films for worship
  • Video Editor/Producer – edits footage/transitions for interviews/films, soundtracking
  • Stage Designer / Construction manager – helps with stage design and implementation
  • Construction helper – assists designer/manager with stage sets
  • Stagehand – assists with transitions during services/events and organizes equipment closet

Download our technician application here.

Equipment Information

Some of the tools we use every week include a digital audio mixer, aviom personal monitoring systems, digital light board and propresenter software.  We don’t require you to be familiar with these tools before you apply – We offer some form of training for all sound, video, lighting and camera technicians.